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15km Radius Map Victoria: Check Where Your 15km Lockdown Limit Ends


15km Radius Map Victoria: Check Where Your 15km Lockdown Limit Ends: There has been an update when it comes to the rules and regulations which are being followed under the Victorian’s government, it has been said, Melburnians have been allowed to travel within 15 km radius which is from their home, the state is going to be passing 80% of vaccine first which are going to arrive on Wednesday.

15km Radius Map Victoria

15km Radius Map Victoria

People are trying to know how far is this, there is a tool below which is going to let you enter your address, and then you are going to see how far you can travel without breaking up the basic rules, there are going to be some exemptions. In order to use the tool, you need to type in your address and then you need to click on the correct address option.

You are going to be seeing a red circle which is going to generate to show the people as to where they can travel, you will be required to check the map in order to distinguish where the circle has landed when you are going to be on a long road, it may be close to to your distance and if it applies to you then you can try entering the nearest side street.

Where Your 15km Lockdown Limit Ends

The circle which you are going to see is the direct distance, as you see the crow flies, you might see a discrepancy with how far is the navigation system says how things are in particular if there is going to be a winding road or if there is a river on the way. It seems like the government is trying its best to make the citizens healthy and to keep them safe from coronavirus.

The government is doing their best to get rid of the virus, it has been the fight which the governments are having all over the world, now it has become about containing the areas which are still corona injected, The governments are trying to focus on the areas from where the virus is spreading and if they can block hole those areas then it is going to work in the favor of the country and the citizens.

It seems like these new rules are going to be studied, as they are going to be applied practically, things are going to be pretty different from now on and we are going to be seeing changes in a couple of weeks.

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