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12 clubs announce launch of disputed European Super League


There is news for all the football lovers who are the die-heart fans of football as per the sources 12 most powerful European clubs have decided to make some changes in the football league that’s why they also started European Super League but during the process, they are facing the problem of greed and cynicism. There are Six League team’s names are Manchester United, Liverpool, Manchester City, Chelsea, Tottenham, Arsenal which are involved with the teams Atletico Madrid, AC Milan, Inter Milan, Barcelona, Real Madrid, and Juventus. The teams are very excited about the league and eagerly waiting for this.

European Super League

As per the ESL, it is said by the promoter clubs that they were accepted to organize a “New Midweek Competition” but they said they will also continue the competition in their national leagues. It is expected that the inaugural edition is going to start soon. In an interview, ESL said that the three more promoter clubs will also be declared and these clubs will get their place next year by the qualifying system. They also mentioned that the first fifteen clubs will get an opportunity to be a part of every season which is a good thing for all the clubs.

According to the reports, the clubs will be divided into two groups which will contain ten teams and they will face off in each other’s home and maybe outside. To make their place in the quarter-finals, the top three teams of each group will face off against the teams. The teams which are place at the fourth and fifth spot in each group will play a two-legged play-off for the rest positions. Before the single-leg final, the league is also appropriate for the two-leg knockout format of the Champions League in May. Also, the league is coming up with some new formats to excite the viewers who love to watch football matches.

If we talk about the accusation, The leaders of France and Britain condemned ESL clubs. They were also blamed for greed and cynicism. In spite of playing in their domestic league, The governing body of the European football league UEFA and football authorities of three countries gives ultimatum to the clubs that they can restrict from playing national competitions and champions league. The players who are playing from the club’s side are warned by UEFA that the chance of representing national teams can be snatched from them. Bookmark our site to get more latest updates related to this matter.

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