11-Year-Old Brothers Found Dead: 2 Children Found Dead: Singapore Police have been searching for a man after two children were found dead near a playground in Upper Bukit Timah. This news has been making headlines everywhere and receiving the attention of people. Several people have been reacting to the news. People have been praying for the twins’ family. The news is also getting viral on the internet and the netizens are shocked after hearing this. Yes, the two children who were found dead are twins aged 11. The netizens are searching online to know more details about the incident. In this article, we are going to give you all the details about the matter so stay tuned. Follow More Update On GetIndiaNews.com

11-Year-Old Brothers Found Dead

11-Year-Old Brothers Found Dead

As per the sources, the cops were looking for a man on Friday night, 21 January, after they found two dead children near a playground in Upper Bukit Timah. The incident mainly happened in Singapore. Taxi drivers got an alert message, which police confirmed to ST to be genuine, asking them to be on alert for a man of unknown race who was seen at Greenridge Crescent at 3 pm that day. As soon as the police were reported about the bodies, they informed the victims’ families.

2 Children Found Dead

According to the reports, the two boys who were discovered dead were twins and were discovered dead in a canal near the playground. The alert which has been discontinued now explained his look that his age is between 30-40 years old and was tan looking carrying a grey shirt and sports shoes. However, it was reported that there is no arrest has been made yet. On Saturday, a statement was issued in which the police said that they got a call for help from the twins’ father at around 06:25 pm on Friday. He was at a playground in Greenridge Crescent at that time.

When the cops arrived at the scene, 11 years old twins boys were found lying unconscious in a canal. Later, they were declared dead at the scene by the medical team. The police called the deaths unnaturally and immediately started the investigation. When the media reached the scene, they found two police vehicles were parked alongside Greenridge Crescent and the cops in plain clothes were seen talking to residents around Eng Kong estate. At this time, the whole family of twins boys is deeply shocked and saddened. The family is going through a tough time. We hope that God will give courage to his family in this tough time. May the twins’ souls receive peace in heaven.

The crime rate is constantly increasing and many new cases are added on daily basis. As per the latest report, On Saturday, 22nd January 2022, A 48-year-old man was apprehended after his two 11-year-old sons were discovered dead near a playground in Upper Bukit Timah. The investigating officer stated that they got a call for assistance from a man at around 06:25 PM on Friday. They added, “When investigating officers reached the scene, the man’s 2 11-year-old sons were discovered lying motionless in the vicinity of the playground and were declared dead at the scene by a paramedic.”

The police stated in a statement late on Saturday night, 22nd January 2022 that they followed up on “all possible leads” and conducted probes, which eventually direct the apprehend of the man. The man will be charged in court on Monday (24th January 2022) with assassination. The offence of killing carries the death penalty. Probes are going on, informed by investigating officers.

Police And Soldiers In The Area

Taxi drivers were alerted on Friday night to be on the lookout for a person of “anonymous race” last watched at 03:00 PM in the area. The text was sent out to drivers, which the police have affirmed as authentic, explained the man as “tan looking” and aged 30 to 40 years old, clad in a grey shirt paired with sports shoes. The cops did not respond to queries from CNA related when this alert was first issued.

Inhabitants in the neighbourhood informs the reporter on Saturday that the whole area was cordoned off last night with heavy police presence. Explaining the scene, a 57-years-old old inhabitant who wanted to be recognised as Mr Raj stated “cops, soldiers, and van with red berets…were surrounding the forest” close the playground on Friday evening. He said, “I was telling myself maybe this is an exercise or something. I did not know what was occurring, but cops were all over the place.”

One 68-year-old inhabitant, who rejected to be named further added that a floodlight, fire engine and even the police’s K-9 unit had been deployed. The groups only wound down operations past midnight. Inhabitants also stated that they watched a bright orange car being pulled away from that night one they had never watched in the neighbourhood prior to.


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